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Prices 2019 - 3d Print Articulated, Articulated collection - thingiverse, Wip: tiny articulated bot . by bq3d nov 17, 2015 . 6916 7537 108. 3d realistic articulate ball jointed miniature baby doll . by jazmy oct 25, 2015 . 361 405 21. ball jointed pixie doll . froggy: the 3d printed ball-jointed frog doll . by loubie jun 15, 2015 .. 3d printed articulating led lamp: 5 steps (with pictures), The 3d model was designed using fusion 360, based on kenneth's articulating, wall-mounted, magnetic phone mount desing. for this lamp i redesigned most of the parts using fusion 360 and made some adaptations and simplifications to reduce the number of different components need to assemble the whole structure.. 3d printed articulating led lamp by igorf2 - thingiverse, 3d printed articulating led lamp by igorf2 is licensed under the creative commons - attribution - non-commercial - share alike license. . this is an interesting and useful project to equip your workshop and practice your 3d printing and modeling skills..

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3d printable articulated flexi toy models - 3dwithus.com, 3d printed flexi articulated models – googly eyes then we found a slug by 8ran. in remixes, there was a model with eye sockets built in, where little eyes could be attached.. 3d printable articulated lamp by luca parmegiani, This is a modular, articulating lamp. it is composed of 6 basic pieces, bottom, trunk and top pieces which enase a led tap light. body pieces can be added to make the lamp as long as you like. the lamp is easy to assemble and can be rotated in all directions and turns on and off with a easy click. the idea is based on the ball socket joint..

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