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Prices 2019 - 2015 J Code For Marcaine, Neurology coding | hcpcs code for marcaine and depomedrol, What is the correct hcpcs code for 7cc marcaine 0.25 plain and 3cc of depomedrol 80mg/cc? supercoder answered wed 23rd of april, 2014 18:19:27 pm if you want to bill bupivacaine to medicare, you would need to use submit j3490 (unclassified drugs).. 2015 hcpcs c9290 : injection, bupivacaine liposome, 1 mg, 2015 hcpcs c9290 injection, bupivacaine liposome, 1 mg. this is the 2015 version of hcpcs c9290 - please refer to the 2016 hcpcs code set for the latest version .. Marcaine - ndc code - find-a-code, Cpt ® - level i codes & modifiers hcpcs - level ii codes & modifiers cdt ® codes - dental "d" codes icd-10-pcs codes, guidelines, etc. apc - ambulatory pmt class. asc - ambulatory surg. center new!.

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Reader question: marcaine coding | supercoder.com, Question: what j code should we assign to indicate the use of marcaine, 0.5 solution? allan spotts mhs-primary care, middletown, conn. answer: you may assign one of two codes for this drug either hcpcs code j2000 (injection, lidocaine hcl, 50 cc) or j3490 (unclassified drugs). in either instance you can expect that your carrier will deny the charge if the marcaine is used to provide anesthetic effect during a surgical procedure, including injection into a joint.. Medical billing coding - re: j3490 not paid by medicare, Here, 00409155910 is ndc number, marcaine 0.25% 10ml is the description of drug and dosage, $4.98/10ml is the invoice price (which was specifically asked by medicare rep to put). even after all this, we are getting denial for lack of info and no medicare rep is able to help..