1992 Geo Tracker High Idle

Prices 2019 - 1992 Geo Tracker High Idle, Higghhhh idle! | suzuki sidekick enthusiasts, Higghhhh idle! general. welcome sidekick enthusiasts. sidekick technical q&a. sidekicks off road. . '94 geo tracker 4wd <-winter beater . it`s maybe something to do with the coldnessyou see over here in england i have never known an injected engine to idle high at cold an then come down as it warms up i have always assumed that with inj .. Idling too fast tps adjustment? - zuwharrie bbs, I've got a 90 tracker with a 1.6 8v with tbi efi. my engine is idling at around 2200 rpm, even after it warms up. . btw, i undid the high-idle "fix" that was referenced in the earlier post. now it starts cold at 1600, and slowly idles down to 800 after about five minutes. . one 1992 sidekick, (daily driver). one 1989 (bad crank, engine is .. Geo tracker engine idle speed is high inspection costs, Engine idle speed is high inspection estimate for geo tracker geo tracker engine idle speed is high inspection costs $75 on average. following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates..

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