17 Methyl Dione Extreme

Prices 2019 - 17 Methyl Dione Extreme, 17-methyl-dione extreme is back! - house of muscle, When 117-methyl-dione extreme is back in stock, that means we can also welcome the return of the 15-week sward's stack, the 15-week dynamic-duo muscle-building stack and the 15-week 17-methyl-dione pyramid cycle. the 15-week sward's stack has been my favorite stack for over 10 years.. Amazon.com: 17-methyl-dione extreme -- advanced muscle, 17-methyl-dione extreme is designed to promote rapid, steady gains in strength and lean, hard muscle growth. 17-methyl-dione extreme users show vast improvements in strength and muscle mass within the first few weeks.. Is this a ph? - bodybuilding.com forums, 17-methyl-dione extreme serving size: 1 capsule servings per bottle: 60 . if you havent already guessed, the active ingredient in 17-methyl-dione is 17-hydroxy-6-alpha methyl-ethyletiochalon-3,20 dione and that long gobble gook of letters is also the main active ingredient in legal gears methyl 1-p..